Command Animals -- Restore Life -- Control Nature

  • Teach your dog to WALK ON STILTS.
  • Command a rat to bring you LOST TREASURE.

   --  All of this and more is now YOURS --

Just imagine!

As you walk through a park or near a stand of trees, you casually whistle a few notes...

Suddenly, A HUGE flock of birds comes swooping out of the trees and land at your feet. 

You whistle a few more notes and a squirrel scurries out from a tree and climbs up onto your shoulder. 

Whistle a few more notes and a group of rabbits come out from under a nearby bush and hop over to you. 

But you're not done yet.

You make a few buzzing sounds and a few bumble bees appear and fly about you.

You hum a strange, low sound and a swarm of gnats suddenly gather above your head.

You tap your heel hard and fish start jumping and swirling in the waters before you.

...and look!  A turtle has come out of hiding and it's clumping over towards you!

This book will give you the inside secrets of mastering superior animal control.




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