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Women! You’re standing on the street corner and enjoying yourself and then suddenly: WHAM! There she is! Just LOOK at that woman! She’s gorgeous! Man, what a woman! You watch and stare as she walks by and you let your eyes drink her in. That face, those boobs, that ass, those legs… WOW! She definitely has the look that pushes your buttons and as she walks off with her behind swaying so nicely under that skirt you feel your crotch stir.

She certainly did get a rise out of you.

You KNOW that feeling. You WANT her. You can picture her under you in bed as you hold her wrists to the mattress and begin to plunge deep inside her.

That is the pain of being a man. Women say that men only want 'one thing' and that's almost completely true. Men DO want sex. Endlessly. Daily. 3 minutes ago. NOW.

That’s what being a man is.

80-year-old men turn and watch women as they walk by on city streets and young boys stammer and blush while trying to hide their erections in the school hallway and both feel the pain and yearning.

It’s our programming.

A mans desire for sex is so instinctive, so encompassing that even a newborn infant boy will grab at his penis to begin the connection in his new body between his crotch and brain.

Men think about sex everyday, we dream of sex at night and meet each new day with an erection. This sexual urge defines and torments men. There’s no escape. Men enter the world with an erection, die with an erection and suffer the daily reminder of their manhood over and over again.

That's what being a man is.

When a man sleeps with a woman the first time, he’ll most likely orgasm within seconds. Sometimes he ejaculates before he even enters her, his sexual urge is that demanding.

The first time a man sleeps with a new woman he may mount her 2, 3, 4 times or more in one evening and each session with her is just as exciting as the last. The passion, the power and the energy of having a woman under you defines the moment.

That's what being a man is.

Women who’ve had sexual experiences with men know that usually the first few couplings will be highly charged but short in duration. Women understand that men will usually slow down with time and that she can expect more once they settle in and he becomes accustomed to her body.

Sadly, this isn't always the case.

Some men lack the skills or knowledge to command and control their sexual bodies.

The pages below will soon change that.  You now have the most complete, most comprehensive seduction and dating guide known to exist. 

You're about to change your adult lifestyle forever and date ANY woman that you desire.

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