The ancient art of vanishing from sight and reappearing at will. Just imagine! Invisibility super powers. Become INVISIBLE: Walk UNSEEN Among People or CROWDS. Total invisibility... not even a shadow. Works even when surrounded by cameras or people. Be invisible! As seen on Jay Leno, Smashwords, others. The Secret of Invisibility Revealed ©

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From Africa to Scandinavia to Peru, oral and written records have chronicled human invisibility:

  • Pre-Aryan and Indo-European religious works (The Vedic teachings of the Rishis) taught human invisibility.
  • In Europe, books began to surface in the 13th century that gave examples of wizards and witches who had the ability of rendering themselves invisible (with the usual disclaimer that such arts went against the natural order of God)
  • Reports of shamans & yoga masters detail the ability.

There is an avenue of the mind that is rarely explored by humans. A few steps into this corner of the mind can generate miracles and its secret nature has long been shrouded from disclosure.

You have a modern mind (through no fault of your own) that is an end result of western civilization.

Due to your environment and education, your mind 'believes' some things to be true already; you believe in some science, some religion and some magic. 

If you were told that mermaids are real, you might refuse to believe it. You might also refuse to believe that ghosts are real or that maybe astronauts didn't really walk on the moon. 

The point is that your mind becomes a restriction or filter of what you will and won't believe. 

The filtering of the mind creates a perceived view and acceptance of what reality really IS. 

If we alter the filter of your mind, we alter your reality.

Have you ever looked at someone and they picked up on it and looked back at you?   You might have felt somewhat embarrassed because you were thinking about that person (usually in a sexual way) and that person KNEW it. You were projecting a sexual wave of thought with your inner-mind and your victim responded. They knew that you were thinking about them sexually and turned to meet your eyes.

Have you ever felt like someone was staring at you, you looked around and they were?

It's creepy!

You picked up on their inner-broadcast. Somehow, you felt them staring at you and you responded back. They were projecting with their mind and your mind knew it. That person was thinking about you sexually and, astoundingly, your mind sensed it.

Have you ever thought of a friend and the phone rang? Guess who? Your friend was thinking/projecting about you and you 'picked up' on their thoughts.

How about those people who seemed to 'know' when something is wrong with a family member or with a close friend? How could a mother possibly know that her child really needed her, even from around the world?

The human mind can project itself into reality.

Ultimately, we'll exploit this ability of the mind to become invisible. With a small amount of training, your mind can accomplish the task of granting an invisible state of being. You were born with this ability of mind. Unfortunately, most people don’t activate their dormant potentials and remain unaware of what their mind is capable of; pure magic!

Have you noticed that some people make a birthday wish and blow out their candles and their wish DOES come true?

How does that work?

They got their wish because they desired it & HAD to have it. The birthday power-wish becomes the directed will of the mind. This focused will reacts and projects upon and into reality, creating a ripple within the fabric of ALL and this ripple spreads across creation. Reality is plastic in its nature and flows to conform to the requirements of the participants.

The ability to create reality is within you!

A wish made upon a star can come true. If desire is strong and the wish is motivated with will and broadcast, the universe will 'hear' the wish and manifest the required reality.

Ask and you will receive.

Unbelievably, when asked with intent willpower, the universe provides solutions and fulfills directed desire.

The simple lessons & training modules below will give you the step-by-step methods needed to produce a miracle. You're only 3 short steps away from the most astounding ability that man has...

You're about to become invisible to the naked eye!


The Secret of Invisibility Revealed

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(If you wish to do some background research, here's a small list of search engine keywords related to invisibility.
You can narrow the search by adding the word invisibility after each keyword.)

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Alberich the dwarf 

Amen; Amun; Amaunet; Imun (Egyptian god)



Athene's gift to Ulysses (entering city of the Phaeacians)

Baba Yaga

(The) Battle of Clontarf (Eevin's gift)


Bernardo Vazquez: The Vanishing Sorcerer



Celtar; keltar

Chinese dragon
Christian Saints

Cloak of Invisibility

Daniel (David) Dunglas (Douglas) Home


Djinn (Jinn)


Dragon stones

Druids Shannara

Emilie Sagée

Enochian tarot


Fifth fath; Fe-flada; Fe-fiada (Celtic)

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn "The Golden Dawn"

Higbee, Donna: The Research and Writings of Donna Higbee


Invisibility spell



Macky, John: John Macky

Madame Blavatsky



Manannan mac lir

Observations of Anomalous Transparency: The Faile Effect



Ring of Invisibility

Ring of Gyges



Sarutobi Sasuké



St. Alphonsus Liguori

St. Anthony of Padua

Sufi Saints


The Secret of Invisibility REVEALED

Tuatha de danann





Wise man

Wise woman

Yogic Siddhas


There are various meanings of the invisible state, aspect or ability of gaining invisibility.
INVISIBLE in Hindi अदृश्य (adrishy)
अलक्ष्य (alakshy)
अलख (alakh)
अस्पष्ट (aspasht)
अनभिलिखित (anabhilikhit)
परोक्ष (paroksh)



"But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them ... with God all things are possible." —Matthew 19:26


He told them, "Because of your lack of faith. I tell you with certainty, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20


Nothing is impossible for those who act after wise counsel and careful thought. ~ Turuvalluvar Quotes from The Kural No. 142


As you start to see the possibilities in the impossible, you will begin to see that the world works “perfectly.” You can find reason and purpose in everything—if you open your mind to it. ~ Susan Jeffers Quotes from Feel the Fear…And Do It Anyway


Lord Krishna states that:

"For a sage who has conquered his senses, breathing and mind, who is self-controlled and always absorbed in meditation on Me, what mystic perfection could possibly be difficult to achieve?" (SB 11.15.32)

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