Just Imagine!
Here's an illusion that gives the appearance that you can...
FLASHES of LIGHT from your EYES ©

                                     (artist renditions)

You get ALL 3 COLORS

Bright RED, Brilliant BLUE and/or Shocking SILVER light seemingly FROM YOUR EYES.

VERY cool magic.  A little-known magic secret that BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY.

    Not a contact lens
      Nothing touches the flesh of the eye
        Easy 'hands-free' operation
          Can be done in almost complete darkness
            Only 5 seconds needed to set-up & operate

          CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE: street, clubs, shows... even when totally surrounded by cameras or people.

          'Secret' comes complete with everything you need plus full, illustrated instructions.

          NOTHING MORE TO BUY.  Safe and 'easy-to-do' yet rarely seen.  ALWAYS UNDER YOUR CONTROL.

          FLASHES of LIGHT from your EYES ©
          No Batteries. No Magnets. No Sleight-of-hand. No Switches. No Wires.
          A magic trick that gives the illusion of flashing bright lights from your eyes! 
          Can be done by ANYONE... even non-magicians.

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                         FLASHES of LIGHT from your EYES
                          Copyright © 2011 Novel Discoveries                               
                                  - All Rights Reserved -


          Copyright © 2011 Novel Discoveries All Rights Reserved.

Magic Trick: FLASHES of LIGHT from your EYES

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