From:  ABC News  ABC News, (2004):

Ask any woman:  Men who are 5-foot-9 -- that's average -- or taller clearly have it over
their more compact cousins.

And it turns out a man's height has always helped him get to first base. Nearly 10
years ago, 20/20 concocted a test to illustrate an indisputable rule of love: height matters.

20/20 recruited men tall and short and put them in lineups behind a two-way
mirror, then invited groups of women to look at the lineup and choose a date.
The women were told various positive things about the shorter men -- the men
were described as having interesting careers, impressive educational pedigrees
or a lot of money. The women always chose the tall men.

Nothing succeeded in making them prefer the shorter men. One woman even
suggested that 20/20 describe the tall men as "murderers" to even the odds
for the shorter men in the test.

Would it be fair to say from the study that it seems that taller men were
hot and the shorter men were not? "That would be an inference." Mazur said.

From:  ABC News  ABC News, (2004)                          

Sad, but true:

If you’re short, you’re behind the 8 ball

•    You're passed over for job offers, promotions & raises
•    You're not getting respect and you don't command authority
•    You're not as attractive to the opposite sex

Height has a direct, substantial effect on your job. If you're 'short', you’re not making the money that taller folks are making.

Tall people earn up to 12% more income than shorter people do.

And that's not all;

•    Women place a high priority on a man’s height

•    Teachers give taller students better grades

•    On average, each extra inch in height equals $790 more in yearly income

•    Job recruiters usually choose tall job applicants


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